Composer and copyright info missing from xml import

I have a bit of an issue whereby I exported a Sibelius score out as music xml and then imported it into Dorico.

Firstly let me say that it is truly amazing that it works! Almost flawless - but there are a couple of issues that come up with this.

The main one being that I can’t seem to input the composer name or the lyricist or the copyright info.
I have switched off flows in the setup page because this is a single item piece.

I can put all these thing into the info page but it doesn’t appear on the score.

If I go to Engrave -> Master pages - they look the same as others I have created, they have {@projectTitle@} which does appear correctly, but also {@projectComposer@} and {@projectCopyright@} but those don’t actually appear on the page in Write, Engrave or Print mode.

I also suspect that my title has all the wrong attributes (font size and so on)

Any suggestions?

I would assume they import as flow specific information.
Open the project info dialogue to check or enter it as project wide infos.

…mmm, yes had a look at that - I notice though that the individual parts look different - they do have some of the correct information, it’s only the full score that doesn’t - that must be the clue - I’ll look at that further…

If you imported XML into an open new file, the first flow would be empty and the Title/Composer info would likely be in a flow “page” of File Information and count as a FlowTitle rather than a ProjectTitle until you copied the info over.