Composer/Lyricist Format

I’ve got two flows that need two different composer credit formats.

One with the credits: “Music and Lyrics by…”
The other with: “Music by… Lyrics by…”

There’s no way to have Flow 1 do “this” and Flow 2 to do “this” without me overriding text boxes in every layout is there?

You need to use the Project Information dialog (ctrl-I). You can input different information for each flow and the project as a whole.

Create a copy of the First Page Template and edit it. Then do an Insert Page Template Change on the first page of Flow 2.

Edit: All in Engrave mode.

Thanks guys. I actually just came up with another cute workaround.

  1. In my master page template, I entered only “{@flowcomposer@}” into the text box I want the info, rather than “Music and Lyrics by {@flowcomposer@}” (which is what I had been doing previously).

  2. In Project Info, in the composer value field for each flow, I put:

  • for Flow 1, I put “Music and Lyrics by blah blah”.
  • for Flow 2, I put “Music by blah, Lyrics by blah” but with a paragraph character between them

Now it is the same token for all the flows but appears with the differing word structures as appropriate, and no manual overrides.

That was what I meant - but expressed rather badly!

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haha suuuuuuure it was! Look, I’m going to take your word for it and click “solution” in good faith.

I tried muddling around a little with the First Page Template and came up with this, which may be what you were talking about.

musicLyircsCredits.dorico (545.5 KB)