Composing a 12 Bar Backing Track

Composing a 12 Bar Backing Track
CuBase AI 12; Cubase Skill level: Newborn
USB Audio IN/OUT: Yamaha TH5 2x3" 10-watt Modeling Combo Amp
I want to record a series in individual guitar chords in the key of F. I want to use these cords to create a 12 bar song. Once the composition is done, I want to loop the composition into a backing track to output to the Yamaha TH5 where I can practice lead guitar over my custom backing track.
My idea:
Create an individual Audio Track for each guitar cord using an electric guitar and TH5 Amp yielding 10 audio input tracks in Bar 1.
Question 1:
How do you crop and move an audio track in time? Example move Audio Track “Fmaj7/A” from bar 1 to bar 8?
Question 2:
How do you crop and copy an audio track in time? Example copy Audio Track “BbMaj7” from bar 3 to bar 6?
Question 3:
I have a copy Cubase AI 12 manual, can you refer me to the section that explains cropping, moving and copy audio tracks in time?
Thanks in advance for your attention

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Have a look at this manual:

Page 154 for moving the so-called “audio events”,
page 158 for resizing (what you call cropping) events.

Hope that helps.

All the tasks you want to do are pretty easy and in fact several like copying Audio Events have multiple ways to get similar results. I think you might find videos are easier to follow than a text description since the actual work is pretty visual.

Steinberg’s YouTube channel (also available through the Hub in Cubase) has videos for all different skill levels.

I’m also a fan of Groove3’s video tutorials as they are pretty comprehensive for all things DAW & Music. The most cost effective way to use them is to get an All Access Pass for a month or two & binge watch.

If you wanted you could play each chord only once and then copy & move them to build the song. Or you could Loop 12 bars and Record multiple takes and use only the best bits to Comp a performance from the various takes.