Composing accordion

Hi there.

Anybody knows how to write sheet notes for accordion’s left hand? I talking about bass line. I want to write bass and chord is right together (like some songs, polkas etc). Once example I have attached below. Pay attention to bass clef.


Welcome to the forum, Amely. Do you mean the stemless grace notes in parentheses? If so, Dorico doesn’t have any direct support for these kinds of bass notes, but you should be able to achieve the result you want using grace notes; you can set them to be parenthesised and you can hide their stems using the Properties panel. You can try putting them in at the start of the following bar, then using the ‘Grace note before barline’ property to make them appear to the left of the barline.

Is the small parenthesized notehead what you are after? If so, Dorico can notate it.

Daniel posted while I was working out a solution (although it has no special playback effect).
You can see from the second measure how I set this up with two voices. The extra voice has playback suppressed, note size set to cue size, and parenthesized as well as made stemless in Engrave mode. I then used Write > Remove Rests to rid the measure of unwanted rests in the extra voice.

Thanks! It’s closer then before… OK. If Dorico work with bass line and other accordion things on next versions, it’s will be really good! Thanks to Daniel and Derrek.