Composing music: Where to start?

Hi! So I’ve been away from this business for quite a few years, and I’m trying to make some baby steps back into composing music. Problem is, all of my VSTs are quite old and I assume are outdated.

I’d like to get some recommendations on whatever VSTs are more commonly used nowadays. My genre is mostly orchestral, so I’m mostly interested in those kind of tools, but I’d also love to find some good tools for guitars (last I checked VSTs didn’t have much to offer there), live drum sets and even electronic/dubstep stuff.

So, where do you I think I should start?

I can see that this post is a few months old and you still got no answer, sorry about that!!!

The easy and cheap way is to get the Vst complete collection from Steinberg. It is superb for all kind of music and you will not need anything else for a very long time. I have it my self and I have to say that there is many new vst´s out there, no one is better than the vst collection. If you would get any thing else it would be new patches to mess with, ones you can easy make in Halion.

If Steinberg is a no go then there is:

East west

All of them nice but not better or even as good a choise :wink: And no I have no relation to Steinberg, I just work with it every day :slight_smile: