composing two midi tracks in one track (temporarily)

Is it possible to show the midinote of a second miditrack into a first midi track ( temporarily ) ?
Example : i like to compose for 2 violins and with the two volins midi data in one track i can better composing the interacting midi lines than they have each a own midi channel ( only for listening )

Can i do this in Cubase 7 ?

Aloha j,

Try setting your MIDI track to ‘Any’.

This will allow you to put MIDI info from up to 16 different
MIDI channels on one Cubase MIDI Track.

Then later (if wanted) you can ‘dissolve’ that track to separate
MIDI tracks with each part on its own MIDI channel.

HTH (hope this helps)

Or perhaps use Lanes to keep the lines in two separate midi events, then select both midi events and open them in the piano roll editor. This will display the notes from both but one will be ‘active’ and the other(s) ‘greyed out’. I quite often do that.


You can do this in the key editor.
Select both midi parts in the project window, then double click and both will open in the key editor.
The two tracks should have different colors. (Violin1-green, Violin2-yellow)

In the key editor, you’ll need to set up the “event colors” (toolbar pull down) so it colors the events by “part”
Otherwise the colors won’t help you see which track is which.
There is another button on the tool bar that you will want to use.
“Edit Active Part only” This will make it possible to edit only the active part.
There is a pull down menu next to the “Edit active part only” button.
This is where you choose which part is active.
(You can setup key commands for this…Next part, Previous part)

I do this all the time and it works great.
You can actually edit more then two tracks at once with this method.
Check out the manual because this is the somewhat quick version.

Thanks very much …i try this out all