Composition : Chord Track improvements for C13 and C14

To help us make better music more efficiently, the chord track should be revamped.

  • functions to select a scale in chord track, key, then when clicking to input chords, have options that fit the scale, that are close to it, etc… eg simplified working and of course integrated with chord pad and circle of fifths

  • option to transpose all or selected chords !

  • option to apply chord track to selected midi tracks in order to match scale

  • option to apply chord track to audio track, if that is possible at all

  • key change and other relevant features

Leads me to think there could be some MEGA new feature for C14, an AI song creator assistant, that would suggest song key, chords, arrangements, maybe even throw in patterns, something like Captain or Scaler add Jamsticks on steroids.
It would be used at any point, either to start a new project, or propose variations and directions for eg an already programmed loop on the timeline.
That would be a blank page killer. Working with the tempo track and maybe even work out an AI lyrics assistant and you’d have a truly powerful setup.

For now the chord track needs to work better with the chord pads so composing becomes easier and more fluid.

Antoine / Paramita

Have you explored the Chord Assistant features? I don’t use them but I think they do all of this and more.

In the Project Window Select what you want to Transpose. On the Info Line you’ll see the values for the first Selected Item. Change that and everything Selected will change relative to that first item - this can be used to transpose your chords. If you want to set everything to the exact same value use Ctrl+Enter when changing the value.

You can do this in the Inspector for MIDI or Instrument Tracks.

Maybe you should check out the documentation or some videos a bit more closely

Hopefully in a future update, AI will cover reading for us as well.

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Google AI is already writing music (I’ve heard it, it’s pretty impressive) in a wide range of genres in which many people can’t distinguish it was AI generated (it’s still not great at crafting lyrics).

AI is direction everything is going! No doubt, in DAWs too. Once it does, there is really no need for the operator! :upside_down_face:

I want to thank you Raino for taking the time to write all these.
I did go through all your suggestions and learnt a lot already.
You are right I do need to go through the manual as there’s features I overlooked.
Thanks again and best luck and energy to you :smiley:

We will be flooded by AI music. But operators will find ways to create what AI can’t.
Think Bohemian Rapsody for example.
For me I just want AI to help me suggest practical setups for chords, patterns, etc… but I want full creative control over sounds, timing, even adding dissonance and unexpected parts. So still lots of creative control. But Cubase can help streamline some of the tedious parts.

And if AI makes my coffee too then perfect ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But yes I’ll read the docs and go watch some more tutorials… sure Dom must have something on those topics !

AI makes fractal copies of human work nothing more…