composition tools....

things i like about Sibelius that would be nice to have in Dorico:

  1. something like the ‘ideas’ panel in Sibelius where snippets of music can be store for later use.
  2. various composition tools like:

retrogrades of various flavors, inversions, scale transformations etc.
any chance of that happening?

Certainly thing like retrograde, inversion, etc. will be added in the future. I don’t think we will add anything quite like the Ideas feature (I was never completely happy with how that turned out in Sibelius 5) but certainly we know that there is a need for being able to store and recall snippets of music, so that general area will certainly be one for us to address once we have more of the core functionality of the application built out.

How about using flows as “idea panels”? I believe I remember Daniel also giving this as example in one of the earliest videos where Dorico’s concept was presented.

This is a more complex procedure, but if I’m not wrong Dorico should interface with OpenMusic. Or there were some issues?

But that’s right, some common transformations could reside right in Dorico, instead of having to resort to an external software.


Heh, I’d love that, but the ball probably lies in IRCAM’s court more than anything, perhaps… I’m not unhappy with working with XML export (OM’s isn’t too bad, though some validation errors may occur), or, if I only need the pitches, I dump them via MIDI directly into Dorico.

There are excellent and wonderful ways to have ‘ideas’ available in Dorico. It is as easy as making an ideas flow (and a separate layout just for that flow) and then using the split screen or second monitor for the the ‘ideas.’ For me, this is 1000 times more effective than any ideas panel. I do this for everything now and love the way it works with Dorico.

Finale has a feature where you can Copy any selection to a ‘Clip File’, which you can then Paste back into any document. (You can have as many Clip Files as you like.) That’s an easy and straightforward way of doing it.

Dorico should interface with OpenMusic.

In the meantime, many composition systems like PWGL, OpenMusic or Opusmodus etc. support MusicXML export. Even though if there are occasionally problems with the import, that is a reasonable workflow (though if these systems would also import MusicXML for algorithmic processing, that would even be better).


OpenMusic imports XML, but personally I don’t think I’ve ever had to.

Thanks Daniel for your input regarding adding these in the future.
I also will be happy to see these compositions tools (retrogrades and inversions tools) inside Dorico.

I vote for these beautiful composition tools (as in the picture of Sibelius in the first message) for Dorico v3 new features list… :smiley:

Jerome, our feature list and roadmap is already pretty much decided, so although it’s fun to see you pop up in many threads requesting what you would like to be seen in Dorico 3, I’m afraid that in general the requests of a single user don’t do a lot to alter our priorities. Hopefully you will find that we tend to work on important and useful things and you don’t find yourself disagreenig with our prioritisation to a great extent.

+1 from me.

I use flows as a way of storing ideas and it works well.

Using a single flow for all ideas isn’t really an option for me - I’ve tried it many times - since a favourite scrap can quickly get lost with proliferation (especially in larger scores). Individual flows for separate ideas is my preferred way.

There’s often little clue from the title of a flow what the contents are, especially with a connected series of flows each containing a different, maybe fully worked out version, of essentially the same passage. So, some system of organisation (grouping of flows) would seem appropriate with, maybe, a snapshot of each flow (as in the Ideas panel referred to above, or a mouse-over pop-up window).

Having said that, I bless the day Dorico and its flows came along. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: thanks for flows.

Perhaps keeping all your initial/speculative ideas in a separate Dorico document with an incipit-style first Master Page would you keep track of the ideas, which you could then imports as flows into any document where you would like to use them.