Compound time signature

How is it possible to work properly with doted note as beat unit ?

  • 12/8 is supposed to be made of 4 doted quarter notes but the metronome plays 12 eighth notes. Is there a way to make it play the doted quarter notes with an accent (123123123123) ?

  • There’s no quantification that really suits 12/8 time signature it’s either the upper or the lower numeral :
  • 1/8 quantification shows eighth notes subdivision but the large bars won’t show doted quarter notes so the time division of the measure is very hard to read
  • doted 1/4 quantification shows the real division of the measure but it’s impossible to see the eighth notes subdivision.

Is there a way to improve this ?

I look at it as 8th note triplets, is there a grid för that?

This has been requested since… FOREVER. Cubase does not handle such grids elegantly in MIDI editors and not at ALL with audio or on the main piano roll. Search around for the green frog’s post. It has a bazillion +1s.

Ribbet. I am optimistic.

Well it’s sad they didn’t heard this request.

Anyway, has somebody from Steinberg ever read this forum ?

Yes. Once. It was a Tuesday, I believe. :wink:

+1 as always.

+1. Come on steinberg!