Compress elision mark?

In the example below, lyric space is at a premium, and I need to make the elision mark a little more compact.

Is there a way to do this? I search for it in the Music Symbol editor, but I couldn’t find anything.

If I remember correctly we’re actually drawing elision slurs using actual slurs, and I don’t think we have any options for them at the moment. I’ll make a note that we might add some in future.

Thanks Daniel.

You could use a narrow space (see to separate the words (a Hair Space will give ‘the o’) and then use or misuse another symbol as Shift-X text to indicate the liaison. The Undertie ‿ (U+203F) is the usual symbol for this but you could use something as narrow as a Breve ˘ (U+02D8) if necessary.

Obviously this isn’t ideal though and life would be easier if one could edit the tracking.

Thanks, I’ll try that!