I am going through the plugin reference, and looking at compressors, I noticed that even though the
document says that the compressor makes louder sounds softer and softer sounds louder (or both), the controls
are only given for making louder sounds softer. Just like there is a threshold after which the compressor
“kicks in” and signal above that level is brought down, shouldn’t there be a similar threshold below which
the signal should be amplified (brought into the dynamic range)?

Looking at Wikipedia entry, this is called upward compression, but I have absolutely no way of knowing:

  1. whether Cubase is doing upward compression at all, and if so then
  2. how to control the parameters for it.


No, the Cubase compressors do not do “upward” compression. unless you have the full version then you get an Expander (upward compressor)… EDIT No it’s not (thanks TC)

Of course if you compress a sound, bringing the louder parts down in amplitude and have either auto gain switched on or turn up the output to compensate for the gain reduction, then the quieter parts will be louder by the amount of gain reduction being applied!

This is also dependent upon the value of the release parameter (how long the gain reduction takes to recover once the signal drops below the threshold)

To some extent the envelop shaper can be used as a sort of upward expander too.

An expander is not an upward compressor, and the Cubase full version does not have an upward compressor.

I stand corrected (again :laughing: ) I should always check (with me) first, the expander of course reduces the gain below the threshold, silly me.

The Envelope Shaper can be made to boost the gain of the release (decay) portion of an audio signal, was just throwing it in there as a potential work around!!!