Compressor settings

Is there anyway to tell what the settings for Attack and Release are in microseconds in the Cubasis compressor? It would be really helpful to know.

hey Joey515,

within Cubasis there’s no option to switch from percentage to milliseconds…
If you own a desktop Cubase you could import ur Cubasis projects via the Cubasis Importer:

and then check out the values Cubase matches for the Cubasis project.
For the compressor: Release 100% should match 1000ms and Attack 100% 100ms

kind regards

Thanks Ludwig, I’m not on Cubase yet, but thinking about it. Would the 0% settings be 0 ms then?


Attack 0% is matched to 0.1 ms and
Release 0% matches 10 ms

kind regards

Thanks Ludwig. That is very helpful. I love this app by the way.