Compressors and Dynamic inserts don't operate properly on group channels

I just upgraded to Cubase 13 yesterday and while I was mixing this track, I opened up a compressor on a group channel. The “bypass” option was greyed out and after setting the meters and closing it, I could no longer edit the plugin or even bypass it. I can’t even remove the insert or change it to something else. The only way to bypass the plugin is to use the inserts bypass button. I also tried with some other dynamics plugins and some of them just stayed greyed out and didn’t open, I ran this experiment on my other group channels and had the same outcomes

. Can someone help?


Disable the Constrain Delay Compensation option, please.

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Oh okay, I will try that. I think I have had this kinda problem before and that was the solution. But doesn’t this Delay Compensation thing help with latency? Am I supposed to just toggle it or leave it on?

Thank you, it works