Computer Acting Weird with Cubase?


i have this Dell computer a Studio XPS-9000 with 9 GB of RAM, Core i7 processor 985, 3.33 ghz. At first, when running Cubase with several VSTi’s and plugins it was super quiet. Then the computer fans started to rev up after about 3 months when the Play button was pressed. Called Dell and they sent someone out to change the fans. Which were a little dirty but not real bad. After this, Cubase ran smooth again. Now it revs up with 3 instances of Halion Sonic, 18 mono tracks 16 bit, and 16 midi tracks. i open the task manager and the cores are running pretty even (all cores are unparked) but the computer starts to rev up. i thought that this was a pretty powerful computer and would handle my Cubase app. i also record my vocals right in the room where the computer is so, the extra noise is not a good thing. Is this because of the Hyper-threading deal (first generation i7)? Should i disable any Cores in the BIOS? i hope this is understandable. Kind of a noob :confused: . Oh i forgot, i got the computer Jan. 2010. Thanks for all help.

Forgot to mention i’m running Cubase 6.5.3. Thanks


Open it up and clean the thing.

Thanks for reply. No dust inside though. Ever since that first changing of fans by Dell, once every 2-4 weeks i clean it out. So there’s very little dust.

Probably just the stock coolers trying to keep the thing cool then. Cubase can, especially if you have use, steinbergs power scheme switched on, make the cooling important. Most of us that custom built a pooter, invested in a very large processor cooler and silent (fanless) graphics card (not that the graphics gets stressed in Cubase). Also we tend to use quiet cases with over-sized case fans that run slow and quiet.

Thanks Split for your knowledge. Could you give me some examples of products you use in your setup that you mention below? It would be highly appreciated. Probably won’t get the parts all at once, but piece by piece it’ll get put together. Just want the DAW to run smooth and quiet. Thanks again

I used one of these for the CPU> but beware it may not fit as it’s quite large!!!

The best thing to do would be to research your options carefully as you have a Dell and I really wouldn’t know what mods you could do with that?

I have the same cooler, cheap as chips and works very well :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. :sunglasses: