Computer hangs when saving file

I just downloaded the new 7.5.20 update and now each time I try to save a file I am working on my Windows 64 bit system hangs indefinitely. The only way out is to go through CTRL=ALT=Delete to end the program. All the work in the current edit disappears. This happens each and every time I try to load, edit and save.
Any one else experiencing this behavior?

Windows 64 Ultimate, Intel SSD, Cubase 7.5.20, Echo Layla Audio interface

I think I have narrowed the problem to scores that use OMNISPHERE. When I remove Midi tracks utilizing OMNISPHERE the save feature works as expected. When I reload a track with this VST the same hanging phenomenon occurs. Any one else experiencing this?

WINDOWS 7 64 bit 32 GB Ram Intel 7 RME HDSP

Spoke with tech support at Spectrasonics. I tidied up my Omnisphere install and now Cubase 7.5.20 is working as expected with Omnisphere. Files are saving, loading and playing as expected. Big relief. Back in business. Not sure how this got messed up but now all is working again.