computer noise thru PA

I have a aspire 8 gigs of ram running into the akai eie (not pro) 16 bit ext. 4 channel in/ 4 channel out .I know that that is not the problem tho because even when Im not hook up and just use headphones out to stereo receiver i hear the PC noise…I think there is something that i need to turn on or off …it has the dolby sound serround ect. and I have turned that off to no avail.I have look for a driver up date to the akai eie but there is none …only for the pro version.I have used the akai eie on my last pc and worked fine with no noise on my toshiba with only 4 gigs of ram…anyone got any ideas what i might be able to try …please help!!

It might be the laptop power supply.

Disconnect the laptop power supply and see if you still get noise. also try “hum elminiator” between the akai and the laptop perhaps? The akai connects tot he laptop thru USB?

The laptop power supply is it 2 or 3 prong?

you are dif. on to something! I unplug the laptop and it disappeared!! but My laptop battery is bad because it will only keep PC on for a few min. no matter how long I charge it up.So I’m going to buy a new battery for it today …thank you so much for putting me on the right track…

Try plugging your laptop PSU on a different socket from the rest of the system (amp, speakers etc) - even a different group (diff fuse). Often unbalanced lines cause disturbance due to power supplies etc being plugged in the same fuse .
Do you use balanced lines between the speakers and amp/ sound card?

Just some thoughts…

If your battery problem is also issue whenever you will be bought it ,keep in mind onething while purchasing the size of volt remain same which you already in using…