Computer problem: sound crackles and cpu, RAM overloads

Hi there,
I recently bought an MSI (a gaming computer, it was the most powerfull according to my budget) with an intel core i7-4700Q processor and 8 gb of RAM, (windows 8 64-bit). As audio interface, I have a rather old m-audio ozone keyboard.

Now the problem:
When I combinate guitar rig 5, massive, other vst and plugins and rewire, the CPU and RAM indicacors shows a very high amount of usage, in both FL studio and guitar rig. In cubase, the ASIO time usage peaks red. When this happens the sound crackles (of course!) and the computer sometimes starts to lag or even crashes.
When I open the controlpanel, the CPU and RAM shows 10% of max usage respective max 30%, when the softwares shows a very high amount of usage.

I don’t know what to do. When I spent this much money on a computer, I want it to be powerfull, not like the 5-yearold standard computer for 400 bucks I had before. Does anybody have any idea? Could the bit-rate be the problem? Is it my interface?
Thank you for replies, Rickie

are you on the latest drivers for the ozone ?

The meter in Cubase is not cpu it is Asio and disk cache , the culprit here will be your soundcard ozonic keyboard and unless you can raise the buffer high enough to suit but without recording latency I suggest purchasing a new soundcard ,something more suitable for the task .

So if I purchase a new audio interface, would the problem be solved? I have the latest driver. What concerns me the most is the cpu overloading when using FL and guitar rig, Could that be because of the interface too?

Thanks for the respond!

what are you looking at to tell you it’s cpu over load ?

The ASIO meter is a combination of your CPU and the stream load to the audio interface. Buying a new interface isn’t going to help. Buying a new interface with good low latency ASIO drivers will.

OK, thank you very much. Does some of you have any tips which interface with good low latency ASIO driver to buy for a decent prize? Link please!

In FL and guitar rig, I see the percentage of the CPU at the “window” if you get me. It shows 70-90 % when I combinate programs. It can’t handle cubase, guitar rig and EZdrummer at the same time, then it starts to crackle.

Then if I open the control panel, it just shows like 10-20 % of the CPU

Then that’s your ASIO buffer , have you tried to raise the buffer size to something like 512 in your interface control panel ?
It depends on what price range your looking at and how many i/o’s you require ?

Yes I have, no change there. It hit me that the keyboard is 8 years old… I just need two i/o’s, prize about 150-250 bucks. I have been checking out focusrite scarlett 2i4 and presonus audiobox 22 vsl, that’s the kind of thing that suits me I think.

ok well those are good little interfaces ,. if your going to be using Cubase as your primary DAW have you considered the Steinberg CI or UR range ?
Ive got for the laptop the Ci2+ which is a very good little interface with two mike preamps and a built in AL controller . great little interface .
You can buy the ci2+ without the production kit btw

It seems to be very small and handy! The thing is i’ve been using FL recently working with electronic music, but I always do my audio recordings in cubase. Do you know which one’s better? To be honest, I’m into the focusrite.

couldn’t tell you which one is better , ive never owned them and maybe you should ask in the FL forum what the focusrite runs like but check this out for latencies.

I know it hasn’t got your particular interface on there but it shows what manufactures come up trumps

Wow, thank you! I hope it helps :slight_smile: