Computer recognises input signal, cubase does not.

I have recently got an IMAC Retina 4K 2019, using ‘OS Catalina’ and have updated it. I have installed Cubase LE AI Elements 7. I cannot record my guitar. Cubase only recognises the inbuilt microphone. I have plugged lines in to the headphone/microphone jack, USB and USB-C inputs, but nothing is recognised. When I plug in to the USB and go in to the IMAC -System preferences- Sound - input, it recognises the ‘line in’, but cubase does not recognise it (Garageband does).

In the Macs ‘System Preferences’ in the ‘Sound’ section it shows when mixer is plugged in to the USB slot :
‘Select a device for sound input’:
Name: Internal Microphone. Type: Built-in
Name: Line. Type: USB

So I select ‘Line’. The Mac meter level shows input, but the cubase meters show no sound coming in.

When I go in to ‘Device Setup’, under ‘’VST Audio System’, the options next to ‘ASIO Driver’, I have selected ‘Line’.
Then under ‘VST System Link’ it has ‘ASIO input’. The only options are ‘Front Left’, and ‘Front Right’.

In Cubase’ VST Connections’, under ‘Audio Device’ it has ‘Line’ and under ‘Device Port’ it has either ‘Front Left’ or ‘Front Right’.

What am I missing???


:unamused: Plenty of posts on the forum - use the search or the knowledge base on the steinberg site…

What audio interface are you using?
I’m not sure you can successfully record your guitar without one.
Cheers :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Hello Oneway,

I am using either a Behringer mixer or a Zoom 505-II effects pedal. Both previously worked with my Windows computer.