Computer upgrade - de-activate Dorico?

Good afternoon:

I am preparing for an overhaul of my DAW with new SSD drives, fresh re-installation of Windows and all programs, etc. One of the programs I will need to re-install is Dorico.

Question: before swapping out the drives, do I need to de-register or de-activate Dorico?

If possible I’d like to avoid having to transfer my license to my Steinberg dongle.


No, you don’t need to deactivate Dorico first. When you reinstall on your new computer, go to MySteinberg and click the big red “Reactivate” button to reactivate your Dorico license.

Daniel, does this mean we can use this to activate Dorico between two computers as we need to? (without having to use the dongle).
Yes I have read the sticky licensing post:

(I have been wondering if it would be easier to buy another copy as I would prefer not to buy the dongle).

This procedure is intended for use when you buy a new computer or need to rebuild/reinstall your current one. As I understand it, there are limits on the number of times a given license can be reactivated, though I’m not sure exactly what they are.

Thanks Daniel. I won’t do it in this way then.

It can work between two OS/hardware systems though - e.g. Surface to MacBook or whatever as a one-off (or whatever it allows)?

In Feb, Daniel wrote in another thread:

… the plan is to enable the moving of a license from one computer to another using the USB-eLicenser to hold the license temporarily, i.e. Dorico is licensed on Computer A using the Soft-eLicenser; you move the license from Computer A onto the USB-eLicenser; you plug the USB-eLicenser into Computer B; you move the license from the USB-eLicenser onto the Soft-eLicenser on Computer B.

The ability to do this would be very useful. Is it still on the cards?


Yes, that’s right.

Yes, it is. I’m afraid I don’t know exactly when, though.

I wish politicians were like Daniel: a swift, succinct and honest answer to a simple question! This is why I vote for Dorico, despite its current handicaps…


Hi Daniel:

After upgrading my drives and reinstalling, I tried to re-activate Dorico with the same activation code, but I get the attached error message.

What to do?

Capture (1).PNG

Allow me to quote myself from my original reply in this thread:

Thanks Daniel … back in business.

ps the reactivation process works, but for anyone who runs into the same thing, it’s more complicated than just pressing the “reactivate” button - you first have to get a code from the elicense software (installed on your desktop), copy it and paste it in the My Steinberg website, activate it, and that then generates a new code in the elicense software. The instructions are not 100% clear, I went back and forth about a half dozen times.

Just went through this procedure again, after I had to re-install Windows 7 last week (my Windows installation was corrupted).

It’s the second time, and it still works.


When I tried to install Dorico on windows after activating it on my mac, I see no red reactivate buttons nor do I have any access to any online codes.

It’s in MySteinberg, klew.