Computer used by Daniel in tutorial videos?

I was using that keyboard because the keyboard that came with the iMac used a German layout, and doing those videos was already like rubbing my stomach and patting my head at the same time – trying to both use the software and talk coherently to the camera simultaneously (those tutorials were done in basically two or three takes each) – so trying to also translate from English to German key positions on the fly was too much for my puny brain. I asked the IT people whether they had any English layout keyboards, and that was the one they gave me, rather than an Apple one.

I quite liked it, for what it’s worth, not as clicky as the old microswitch Cherry keyboards I used to use back in my PC-using days, but it felt good for the day or so I was using it.

Thanks Daniel, having struggled with a Spanish keyboard once simply to send an email, I can see the problem. The videos are excellent by the way.