Con Sord. nor Mute on trigger the CS articulation

I am using UACC KS expression maps for Spitfire Audio Solo Strings in Kontakt 6. I am using the Babylon waves expression maps for Cubase imported in Dorico. All articulations work well except con sordino (CS). I tried the Mute on as well as a textual con sord. indication above the notes but it will not trigger and switches to the natural articulation. If I click on the articulation lane and have Mute on it does show “natural muted” but the articulation is not triggered in Kontakt

I tested the actual CS articulation which is activated by C-1 key switch ID 7 in this library by allocating it to another articulation Col Legno. When I put Col Legno indication above the note with shift-P CS is correctly triggered. . So it is definitely an issue that the official Dorico indication Con sord. nor the Mute sign are translated to the CS keyswitch.

Is this a bug?

are you absolutely sure that the “con sord” is replacing the existing patch and not adding to it? Check by putting an “ord” (or “nat”) somewhere before the “con sord” and if that works, you might want to look at the Mutual Exclusion Groups… Another possible thing to try is to use “con sord” as an add-on instead of a base switch.

In all my libraries, the Dorico-integrated “con sord” does work fine so it’s more likely to be EM specific circumstances at play here though of course a bug is not impossible.

Thanks for the quick answer. I am sure that if I use Col Legno in the score to trigger the CS keyswitch it really switches., no add on. The bars before the CS part are Staccato and then one bar rest to put on the mute. In Kontakt you see the switch happening during playback but when I change back the articulation set and add a mute on and or change col legno to con sordino the articulation changes to natural, so long.

I was able to solve the issue. Although the the Expression Map works in Cubase it is apparently not completely imported or linked to the playing techniques correctly in Dorico. If I double click on the articulation line in the expression map with type Base and name Long CS and add playback technique Muted from the pulldown list, Kontakt-SA Solo Strings switch to Long CS correctly.