con sord. with VSL

I have a string quartet in dorico which is played by solo strings of VSL. All for instruments should play “con sord.” (muted) but only Violin 1 does so; the other instruments play non muted. Any idea?

This is far too little for us to be able to help, I’m afraid. Can you show us a print screen of Play mode with the play rolls and technique lanes opened up?

Are they all using the same expression map?
(Should they all be using the same expression map?)

What’s showing up in the techniques lane of the instruments in Play mode?

Here is a sreenshot of the WriteMode which shows that all instruments have the Playing Technique “con sord.” attached to them, and one of the PlayMode which shows that Violin 1 has correctly the Playing Technique (which is abbreviated by a *) whereas Violin 2 (as the other instruments except Violin 1) do not have it. This is confirmed when I export the score as midi-file and import it in Cubase. This seems to mean that dorico reads the playing technique only for the Violin-1-staff. All instruments have the same expression map, as they should.

But the question is whether you have assigned an appropriate VSL Expression Map to each channel using a VSL instrument. Otherwise Dorico will not know what signal to send the VSL VST to indicate a muted sound.


The problem arises because dorico does not recognize a playing technique at the very beginning of a flow. This is the reason why Violin 1 in my example which beginns in the middle of the bar plays the correct sound whereas Violin 2 which begins at the start does not. See:
As a workaround one can add a bar at the beginning of the flow.