Concept of Master pages


I know, that there has been some discussion about Master Pages on this Forum.
At the moment I am working on a publication with 150 pages. The whole concept of Master Pages doesn’t really work for me, because there are lot’s of different pieces and I have to make little changes to frames or add a text frame or something else. Everything will be seen as an “override” and will stop Dorico from updating these pages after changes on the Master page. Even if I haven’t touched any of the frames of the Master Page!
I hope that Dorico will get a bit cleverer in the future or will get some options how the program should cope with overrides. I would love to see an option, where Dorico only stops to adopt changes on frames of the Master Page, where there have been changes. All other frames should still be updated after master page changes.
Hope this is clear. (non native speaker …)


For me as well this is an issue. I would appreciate it if elements of a given master page that haven’t been modified on an individual page continue to update when that master page itself is modified.

I can envision times when this will be useful as well. Depends on how they haven’t set up in the backend, but I can see a group of settings where you could choose to have it behave as it does now or allow individual elements to continue to update even when other text boxes or graphics have been added.

I’ve had something similar, where I needed to change an element on 40 pages that had overrides. I needed to set that one element back to the master-pages.

Sadly, the new version 2.0 brought no further developments in master page issues, frames and related stuff (even though these features are unique to Dorico in the world of notation software). I really hope there will be improvements in the 2.x line of updates.