Concerned that Steinberg is introducing planned obsolescence for the various versions of Wavelab

I see as I read here on the many pages of this forum, that version after version of the various variations of Wavelab, even those that can work with Windows 10 after about a year to a year and a half starts crashing and or looses it’s ability to connect to it’s registration. No one from Steinberg ever offers a solution and everyone stands around this forum frustrated and virtually scratching their heads. I even saw some references to Cubase having crashing problems too. Perhaps another way to get the user who has come to be comfortable with program …to depend on this program to throw more money at the equation for the latest and greatest. Personally I find that offensive and utterly shady. Any time in the last five years that I have emailed support with questions or issues it is met with silence. You folks need to start paying attention to this forum and the incoming emails and the fact that obviously folks are having problems. But it sadly is all intended, so why would you want to help when there is a goose laying golden eggs at your door step. Crash, crash …crash! Not a happy camper here I tell ya!

Well I’ll be!
Here I (myself) and I am suggesting an option to solve this problem. Why someone isn’t monitoring this forum and suggesting possible solutions to us is beyond me. Also I do not know if this has anything to do with the crashing issues. Maybe it is crashing (or turning off) because it thinks we do not have permission to render and such, because it thinks it is not ours?

I will report back in few days to let anyone reading this know if it worked on either front.

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Clifton Duncan
Definitive Remasters

Seinberg Support,

After the latest Windows 10 Pro 64 bit edition update, all of a sudden my Wavelab Elements 9 Crashes when I chose a rendering destination file. Please HELP.

I tried getting a newer version of the e-licencer and that did nothing to help. I did a fresh install of the program. That did not fix the problem.

Please HELP. It is obvious from the forums that folks have been having this problem happen for some years with various editions of your software, after certain major Windows Updates.

Please provide a solution. I sent $150 a few years ago at Sweatwater on this software. It is not old and I have work to do ...and NOW CAN'T.

Long story a bit shorter. I believe it had something to do with a Microsoft Windows update and probably the desire of the company to invest fixes to their latest software.

I did communicate by email to a couple Steinberg / Yamaha Support folks and ultimately a wonderful gentleman on the phone who spent an hour with me using Team Viewer, to control and poke around my Computer. He diagnosed that it was most likely the Windows Update interacting with my integrated graphics interface (an Intel HD 3000) which has been the culprit with numerous music software suites (so my guy says.) I learned all about Graphics Cards and bought an appropriate one for my PC for about $60.
That did not fix the problem. Steinberg / Yamaha got me set up with Wavelab Elements 10 and I does not seem to have the same problem with crashing when you go to choose a destination folder for your newly rendered work.
Thank you for all your help Steinberg / Yamaha.

Clifton Duncan
Definitive Remasters