Concerning NI Kontakt VST2 -> VST3 replacement

I did a test replacing Kontakt 5 VST2 and Kontakt 6 VST3 with Kontakt 7 Player. It worked fine in both cases.


excellent :+1:

This Kontakt thing you mention worked for me since Cubase 11, however… it has nothing to do with Cubase, it has to do with NI… so you would have to try other VST2 that have their VST3 versions…

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I think we are talking about different features. Yes, Kontakt 6 VST3 will automatically replace Kontakt 6 VST2 even in Cubase 11, but it won’t update Kontakt 5 VST2 instances in old projects with a newer Kontakt version. For that to happen you need at least Cubase 12.0.52 and Kontakt 7.

100% correct. And it works really well.

Good to hear, although I dont have Kontakt 7 yet. Does it only work for Kontakt 5 or also for earlier versions? (I just recently opened an old project with Kontakt 2, which of course I don’t have installed and which wouldn’t have worked anyway. That was from before I learned to religiously save all Kontakt instances in a project to preset files in the project folder…)

Kontakt 7 Player decided that all my patches (going back to Kontakt 3) were “DEMO”. Huh? I have a legitimate K6 and all my libraries and patches are NOT demo. Everything is registered.

ah ok, I have Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 installed, according to my experience from 5 to 6 even in VST2 is not replaced, the same for Reaktor 5 and 6, so I would doubt that Kontakt 5 VST2, jumps to Kontakt 7 VST3, so are you sure this is possible with Cubase latest version?

I don’t know at this point, but I have a number of Cubase projects where I used Kontakt versions from 2 up to 6, so I definitely could give it a try.

That is the expected behavior. Kontakt 7 Player will open in “Demo” mode your third-party (non Native Instruments) libraries. You need the full Kontakt 7 to load those.

Yes, that is exactly what I tested and confirmed to work fine. I moved the Kontakt5.dll outside the VSTPlugins folder, opened Cubase 12.5.2 and loaded a project that used several Kontakt 5 instances. Upon reloading, Cubase showed a warning message and automatically replaced those Kontakt 5 VST2 instances with Kontakt 7 VST3.


really cool

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My problem was the same. I own NI Komplete 13 collectors Edition but because 6 change the format and no return if you make patches I did downgrade to 5.9

After a Kontakt 7 test all my patches I made… arround 1500 was destroyed.

I think no more that native instruments acts serious for their customers. I personal think there is no serious behavior in the business model of Native Instruments. It have nothing to do with Cubase. Fact is I do not buy libaries that use a higher system than 6.4…

Since 6.7 the things run worse.

You are 100% correct. I upgraded to K7 full version and all is well. Thank you Jorge!

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