Concert pitch anomaly in score

I have a score written in concert pitch. I have several transposing instruments and they all appear in concert in the score and in transposition in the parts, as it should be. However I just made a change in my flute doubling alto flute part and substituted bass flute for the alto flute. The new part is transposed beautifully but the bass flute music in the score is also transposed. Correctly I might add, but I don’t want it transposed in the score. How might I get this part back to concert in the score like everything else? Thank you.

Can you attach the project here, cut down sufficiently so that it is as small as possible to still reproduce the problem?

Thank you Daniel. I believe I have figured this out. Since the instrument is written in C on the treble clef as the regular flute is and merely sounds an octave lower, it is notated the same in score and part. Mostly to be able to see the bulk of the music on the treble clef without too many pesky ledger lines. Dorico ain’t no stupe! Thank you as always. George

This is in line with other octave-transposing instruments such as Piccolo and Double Bass which also do not change notation with the transposing switch.