Concert Pitched Cues in Transposing Layouts?

I’m transcribing an orchestral score to create parts, and there are very long periods of rest for most instruments. I’m trying to add cues in to help players count rests. I’ve gotten to the English Horn part, where I’m seeing a violin cue that’s not displayed in concert pitch as I’d like it to be. This is not for the English Horn to play if there are no violins, just simply to see what to listen for at that given time. Is there a way to put this cue in concert pitch?

Welcome to the forum. Yes, if you select the cue, in the bottom panel there are several options relating to transposing clefs and octave shifts, if needed.

What about transposing from F (English horn) to C (concert pitch)?

This would be uncommon, and I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever seen it done that way. Cues are traditionally transposed into the key of the instrument so the player can follow along in their own key. Here are a couple examples from Gould pg 574: