Concurrent Sessions for Audiobus and Midiflow for Piano Keyboard Split

I have a low cost, portable folding piano keyboard. It does not allow a keyboard split or layers.
However, I am able to use my iPhone to create a keyboard split when using Audiobus and Midiflow Splitter app (allows a bass guitar on the left hand and an electric guitar on the right hand when I choose a key somewhere between the two hands).
I’ve found Music-Studio appears to be compatible with Audiobus.
Can someone confirm that it is not possible to run concurrent sessions/instances of Music-Studio on an iOS device? I’d love to use it’s sample library since it appears to be AUV3 compatible. If I purchased a second Music-Studio app, could I then run both the apps simultaneously? (I’d like one instance to provide the bass guitar and the other to provide the electric guitar). Thank you.