Condenced cues?

I tried to search for if this has been requested before, but could not find it… Probably it has been…?

It would be great if when adding a cue, one could select multiple instruments and dorico would condence and label it correctly. Perhaps these condenced cues could take advantage of the condencing algorithms already built into dorico?

I’m imagining a situation like 3 (homophonic) trombones cued in a piano part, all condenced to a single voice. Perhaps it could even use multiple voices like the real condencing algorithm? And add ossia staves if necessary (if there are more than 2 voices)?


It would certainly be very clever if Dorico could produce condensed cues, but I’m afraid it’s not possible at present.


Yes, my post was actually meant as an idea for future versions. I think condenced cues could have very interesting use cases also in creating piano reductions from larger scores.