Condensed Choir In Full Score to Open in Part Layout

Hi all,

I did search the forums but was wondering if there was an up-to-date method for this.

I would like a 2-stave Choir Reduction (SA, TB) in the full score named ‘Choir’ between the two staves and then in the Choir part layout each part seperated out onto 4 staves.

I can can get so far using divisi condensing but can only get the staff labels to be Soprano + Alto or similar, rather than a centered ‘Choir’. I wonder if there’s a simple way to do it that I’ve missed?

This is not yet possible with the condensing feature I’m afraid, though I believe the team plans to add it in due course. The easiest way to accomplish it at present is manually to use a separate Choir (reduction) instrument for the full score.

Indeed, use separate instruments for the full score vs the octavo. Daniel has mentioned that they plan to streamline the [particular] issues surrounding vocal staves, specifically, in the future.