Condensed rests not possible to colour


I’m not sure if this is by the developers’ choice, a bug or just by my ignorance, but I can’t set a custom colour to condensed rests.

In this case, I want to hide the rests while keeping the automatic spacing as if they were there, so simply utilizing the delete rests feature won’t do it. In the attached screenshot you can see what I’m trying to accomplish, showing the failed attempt of the condensed staff in the middle surrounded by the succeeded attempts of the uncondensed staves:

Maybe there is a workaround?

All the best!
Annotation 2020-03-26 122918 Unable to colour condensed music.png

You cannot edit rests in condensed staves at all at the moment. This is a limitation that we hope to be able to remove in a future version of the software.

I see! I guess turning off condensing locally will have to do in the meantime then. We’re definitely spoiled with the condensing feature though. :slight_smile: