Condenser mic & Ipad Mic

I use a condenser mic connected to a UR22 interface, which then outputs to my IPad and Cubasis3, via an IPad camera connector. In order to obtain sound through my headphone (and record of course’) I need to have the IPad microphone enabled for Cubasis. So my question is, which device is picking up the recording…….condenser mic or IPad mic. I’d like to eliminate the iPad mic from the chain if I’m honest, but that doesn’t seem possible. Why would it need to have both?

Hi @Biff,

Normally, the mic connected to the UR22 interface should be chosen.

If required, please learn more about audio routing in Cubasis right here.

Hope that helps to resolve the problem!

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Hi Lars,

Thanks for the reply, but I already have the condenser mic selected from input 1 of the UR22. My question was, which of the mics are is the recording taken from, the condenser or the IPad mic?

Additionally, why does the IPad mic need to be activated if I have a condenser mic selected in Cubasis?

Hi @Biff,

Did you follow the routing steps shown in the tutorial, while having the UR/mic combo connected? Normally, you should be able to choose the desired UR channel connected to the mic here.

Via these steps you choose the device used for the recording.


Hi Lars,

I think you may be missing my point here. I have the correct input selected for the condenser mic, however, without the IPad internal mic activated, I cannot hear the effects of any applied interest effect on the channel, I just get a dry vocal even when the monitoring option on the channel is activated.

This doesn’t cause an issue as long as the input being recorded is only from the condenser mic, as selected in the inputs. But I need to know that when both mics are active, it is only recording from the condenser mic.

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Hi @Biff,

Please provide a short clip which shows the problem!


Unfortunately, I can’t take a clip of an audio issue.

Please advise why it’s necessary to have the iPad mic activated in order to hear the insert effects through monitoring, when I have the input selected to condenser mic?

Hi @Biff,

Thanks for your message.

I’m afraid I do not get your exact point.
If possible, please share a short clip with us, where the problem is visible.



As I stated previously, I cannot take a video of an audio issue.

This is the setup

  1. UR22 connected to iPad via camera card adapter
  2. Headphones plugged in to UR22 for monitoring
  3. Condenser mic plugged in to UR22 channel 1
  4. Channel 1 selected as input source (condenser mic) in Cubasis
  5. Insert effects (reverb) applied to vocal track
  6. IPad internal mic not activated

With the above setup a dry vocal can be heard through the headphones, on selecting the monitoring icon on the vocal track, still only a dry vocal is heard through the headphones.

With the above setup but changing item no. 6 to the iPad internal mic activated (done via iPad setting for Cubasis) the processed vocal (with reverb) can be heard through the headphones.

So my question is as before;

Why can the processed vocal only be heard through headphone monitoring with the iPad mic activated.

Hi @Biff,

Please let me know if the following feedback helps to understand the topic better:

You might have misunderstood the “Microphone” setting in the Settings app under Cubasis 3. It doesn’t toggle the device’s internal microphone, but it toggles audio input in general for the app. This setting is provided by iOS and cannot be changed by the app, Apple chose an unfortunate wording. There is no reason to turn this setting off for a DAW.

With “Microphone” off, Cubasis shouldn’t receive any kind of audio input. The fact that you still hear dry vocals with this configuration means that the UR22 is probably doing direct monitoring (input to output, without the iPad in between). Here’s how to turn it off, so that you only hear the Cubasis monitoring (with reverb): UR22 Direct Monitoring "Off" - #3 by mike841

Hope that helps!

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