Condenser mic need high gain setting on UR22 mk 2

Does anybody else need to turn up the gain knob to a high value to get a decent signal using a condenser mic on a UR22 mk 2 ? I have a Rode M3 mic which is not faulty and using my analog mixer I can get a good signal without having to turn up the gain that high. I had the same problem with my Mbox mini so I’m disappointed to see it again on Steinberg’s gear. It doesn’t stop me recording audio with my mic but I just don’t understand why the gain needs to be so high, I thought these boxes had decent preamps in them? Is it worth buying a separate preamp, I was looking at the cheaper ones from Behringer and ART? Thanks for reading.

Did you buy the mic new? Are you sure the internal pad switch hasn’t been set to the optional -10 or -20 Db? You have to unscrew the lower mic body to get to this switch.

What is “a high value”? Did your analog mixer have logarithmic Gain potis, or linear, what is the gain value in numbers on the analog mixer / what is ist gainh range?

What does the setting of the gain pot say about the quality of the preamps in your opinion?