Condensing and dots

This is two violin lines, condensed (treble clef). Can anyone direct me to the option or feature that will allow me to tuck the B at the start of beat 2 underneath the D (such that the stem is to the left of the dot, as in the dyad in beat 3)? I have tried changing the voice column indices and using the horizontal note spacing tool, as well as moving the dot. Setting the voice column index to 0 moves the note directly under the D, but it goes too far and the note spacing tool doesn’t have any effect. Likewise the dot won’t respond to Alt-left or Alt-right.
Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 8.38.04 PM

In order to control how much the B at the start of beat 2 is tucked underneath the D, the B needs to occur at a different rhythmic position. With condensing off, split the B into two unbeamed 32nd notes and make the second one look like a 16th note by putting it in a duplet with two 32nd notes in the time of one. Now hide the duplet number. Select the first B, suppress its playback and set its custom scale to 1. Select the second B and set its playback start offset to -60. With condensing on, switch to engrave mode, select the D at beat 2 and set its Rhythm dot X to 3/4 spaces. In note spacing mode, tuck the B underneath the D and move the C to the right until the dot is between the B and the C.

The reason that Dorico does not tuck the B at the start of beat 2 underneath the D is that if the dot is in the space between the B and the D, it would be ambiguous which note the dot belonged to. It is possible to put the dot above the D, but since Dorico does not provide an easy way to control the vertical position of rhythm dots, the workaround to accomplish this gets quite complicated. The following project demonstrates one way this could be done:

Condensing and dots.dorico (1.3 MB)

This is all outstanding. You are a genius! Thank you!

Of course Dorico is right, I never noticed the ambiguity of the dot, and it shouldn’t let me do that. I guess count this as another +1 for vertical augmentation dot control.