Condensing and editing in Play Mode

Hi together!

Dorico 3.1 is really a great upgrade. I appreciate it very much! Thanks to the whole team!

Nevertheless I ran into an issue concerning condensing and play mode. When I edit note lengths ind play mode, amalgamation becomes impossible. In the attached example the first note in the first horn is shortened quite a bit. That’s why it doesn’t amalgamate with the second horn. When you go to play mode and remove the editing, the horns will amalgamate perfectly. In some cases amalgamation is even impossible after editing the volume lane. Is this expected behavior?

Thanks for your help!


P.S. I’m sorry, but i can’t attach the zipped project. I don’t know why, but it is 3.4 MB big…

I can reproduce the problem. It seems like a bug to me.

If you need to the playback edit, you can add a condensing change and use manual condensing to put both horns in the same voice.

Good idea! Thanks! I just made a condensing change in order to tell Dorico that a new Phrase is starting. That didn‘t work. But I didn‘t think about putting both instruments manually into the same upstem voice. I‘ll try it out.
Thanks, ben

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take care of it (really, the playback offsets shouldn’t influence condensing.)

That works! Thank you!

Thank you, Daniel. Nevertheless: The 3.1 update is very exciting. It’s not an update it’s an upgrade!

Steinberg is thrilled to hear you say so…
Your bill for the upgrade fee will be arriving in the morning, Ben. :mrgreen: