Condensing bass and contrabass

Where bass and contrabass play the same notes an octave apart, it is conventional to display a single line in the full score.
If I condense the relevant passages, both lines appear, an octave apart.
Is there way to create the conventional appearance by hiding one line?
I have searched the manual, the version history and this forum and failed to solve this.

Dorico doesn’t have an automatic way of doing this, no. You might actually prefer to use a manual staff visibility change to hide the double bass staff in the score, rather than use condensing, perhaps?

Yes, thank you, that displays a single line of music.
With this option, though, I have not found a way of showing the two instruments in the staff label where they are together while keeping separate labels for the passages where they are separate.

No, indeed, there’s no way at present to change the staff label for a single staff at different points in the same flow.

I have a workaround for print (not for full playback, if that matters).
I transferred the octave unison passage to a new “instrument” labelled B+Cb and assigned it to the bass and contrabass layouts.
System breaks and Hide Empty Staves made seamless flows in score and parts.

If the Player is a Section Player, you can use Divisi to change the staff name. Simply create a Divisi of ‘1’:

  1. Add a Section Division
  2. Delete the Staff 2.
  3. Name the remaining staff as you want.

Ingenious. The perfect solution, thank-you.
Just one more option to add to your image.
Show player or group name: Hide.