Condensing Bass Trombone Tuba labelling problem


I’m using condensing of my score, with the routine combining of Tuba and Bass Trombone on one stave (I think this specific example was used in one of the videos, as it’s quite routine).

The condensing works overall, but there is no labelling when only one of them plays (nor is the other instrument displayed as rests in the other voice). Am I supposed to do something to make that happen? Note for comparison how the trombone 1/2 are labelled when only one of them plays.


I haven’t tried this yet myself, but there have been some threads on tuba/bass trombone condensing, including this one:

I don’t know if it will help with this labeling thing or not, though.

You’ll need to attach the project if you want us to provide any help with this. Unfortunately your screenshots are too small to allow me to see sufficient context to provide any advice.

HI Daniel,

See Dorico file attached as suggested.

The problem I flagged originally, with the bass trombone/tuba condensing without label, is at bar 42 (Conductor Score lay-out).

While you’re at it, you might also want to have a glance at two other problems (though these are less inconvenient and you may already be aware of them anyway):

bar 34: Clarinets condensing “a2”, but bassoons not condensing, even though they have similar parts. Note how it’s the other way around at bar 48. I’ve literally cut-pasted the data, to make sure there where no subtle hidden differences between the parts.

bar 44 (and many other places): four horns not correctly condensing to one stave (as it does at e.g. the beginning).

Many thanks,

Justus (577 KB)

I can’t solve the bass trombone/tuba labelling issue, but I can explain the other things:

Dorico calculates condensing on a phrase by phrase basis. In simple terms, a phrase starts after a rest, and ends before a rest.

At bar 34, the clarinets can be condensed to single stems because they’re identical all the way up to the next rest (in bar 40)
The bassoons cannot be condensed to single stems because they jump straight from a tutti to a solo at bar 40, with no rests.

Bars 48-59 are entirely unison in the bassoons, so are condensed to single stems.
Bars 48-59 (unison in the clarinets) are preceded immediately by a solo clarinet line (clarinet 1 only), so cannot be condensed to single stems.

In sections that are preceded by bars of rest, Dorico can only condense a maximum of two players to a stave. This explains the French Horn thing. This limitation is described in the Version History.

Thanks Leo, that is in fact very useful info. You’re right it’s in the update document. I read it, but the detail didn’t stick.

With your explanation, I also found a fix: change the voice of the next “offending” phrase, and it will insert a “phrase break” in between (it also makes my slurs disappear for some - presumably unrelated - reason, but that’s another matter).

Leo’s taken care of the other issues, and I can confirm that at the moment Dorico doesn’t know how to create a non-numeric label for that kind of entry. I’ll talk to Andrew (the lead condensing developer) about that this coming week.

Thanks Daniel, sounds good. Note that it doesn’t have to be a non-numeric label: having rests in the ‘other voice’ would also be clear (and is often used).