Condensing bugs, help!

Hi, in a big opera score i’m currently working at i’m running some issues in condensation of a few slurs of dynamics. As you can see from the screenshot,(page 162)

the Trombones 1,2 do not report the FF as all other do and in the other 2 photos the first bassoon does not report the slurs. I really don’t understand why is it doing so, i tried to cancel those little spots and re-enter the notes several times but nothing changes. The problem is just in those places while the rest of the score is good.

Hi, Andreas.

There’s a Flow Option under Condensing for the amalgamation of slurs:

I suspect that first option to be selected while you are heading for option number 2 or 3?

i’m am currently on number 2 but changing to the first option doesn’t affect the issue, and in any case why should these slurs “hide” especially on the first instrument to be condensed?

On P 172 both basoons do have the same slurs, I suppose, so Dorico shows only one. I guess, chosing option 3 might do the trick.

This, of course, does not explain why Dorico would omit the slurs on P 184.

No because when two instruments are in separate voices and not under one stem, if they have two identical slurs Dorico shows them both…i really don’t know how to fix this…

If you’re finding that the Amalgamation approach for slurs option on the Condensing page of Notation Options isn’t working as you would expect, please cut down your project to a minimal example that reproduces the problem (e.g. delete other players that aren’t involved, and delete all flows and bars that aren’t involved) and attach it here, and we’ll take a look.

Thanks Daniel, I solved the bassoon issues, apparently the first Bass. was in another upstem voice but couldn’t see it even with the voice colors, i had to move the music to another staff and then replace it in order to see two voices going on the same staff, don’t know why.
I still don’t understand the Trombones issue, that ff is not visualized unless i leave the 2 instruments not condensed in the same staff, if i condense them the dynamic disappears…and this happens only there, if i place a ff 2 bars later works as usual, can you explain me why? I just cut out the project to that point but the problem just disappeard…

Probably the issue is that the dynamics on the two staves are grouped differently. Select the dynamics in question and check that the same other dynamics show up in blue (which is how grouped and linked items are indicated).