Condensing change - notation options working for Fl, but disabled for Ob and Cl

I have an issue with the condensing changes. It is working for the Flutes, but not for the Oboes and Clarinets. If I select the Oboes the notation options are disabled entirely, same for Clarinets. I thought something is wrong with my project so I started a new from scratch with same result.

I’ve attached the test file with empty staves for 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes and 2 Clarinets. I can create a condensing change for the Flutes, but not for the Oboes or Clarinets. I would appreciate some help in case I am doing something wrong here.

condensing change - notation option disabled
condensing change - notation options disabled.dorico (466.0 KB)

Try highlighting the Oboes and Clarinets (in blue) as well as checking their boxes, before setting the condensing change.

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You have activated the Condensing Change for Oboes and Clarinets (they have a check mark), but you have selected Flutes (the line is highlighted in blue). Since Flutes are still deactivated, all options are deactivated.

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Thanks! I don’t understand the difference between active and select, but will keep that in mind for the future.

Well, just as have a look at your case: You have activated changes for Oboes and Clarinets.
To define your changes for Oboes, you have to select Oboes and then configure your options in the main panel.
Then you select Clarinets and configure those.
When you select instruments that don’t have a Condensing Change activated, the main panel is inactive.