Condensing Choir Parts

Mixed with orchestra, I’ve an SATB choir in separate parts. Instead of each voice seeing only its own voice in its printed part, I’d like to be able to offer to all singers, an SATB score.

Am I right that the manual page below is the correct one to follow to do this?

I guess what I need to do is to make a new layout for the SATB group.

Condensing and lyrics don’t always produce the sorts of results you’d want, i.e. there can be doubled lyrics where an engraver would make accommodations only to have one line of words.

Unless you actually need a separate part for each voice type anywhere, i.e. the voices appear in the full score the same as in the vocal score, your best best might actually be to either keep the staves separate (in which case, simply assigning the four voice players to one, vocal layout would work) or handle two S/A T/B staves manually. There’s a dedicated instrument for this, called something like “vocal reduction” which has two braced staves but which aren’t joined by barlines automatically, so they don’t collide with lyrics.

Searching the forum for “condensed vocal” or “condensing choral” etc might bring up other similar discussions that would be of interest.

Many thanks Lillie. I take your point about lyrics.


Looks logical.

It dawned on me that it’s not actually a ‘condensed’ score I’m after for vocalists, just a score which shows only the four voices, one per stave on their part.

Great – the example given on this page might also be useful to have in mind for future reference/general understanding.

Genius! It worked.

Thanks for the homework Lillie, from which one can profit.