Condensing divisi and brackets

As you can see in the Slice1, divisi and brackets are correct.
But after condensing, brackets are wrong and the rehearsal number is in the wrong place.
Thank you
Slice 1.pdf (38.1 KB)
Slice 2.pdf (37.5 KB)

If you’re doing manual bracketing and barline changes, you have to apply them with Condensing turned on.

The Condensed staves and the uncondensed staves are different sets of staves internally, so Bracketing and Barline changes for one won’t apply to the other.

I’m not at my desktop.
I will try as soon as I can.
Thank you very much.

Dear Pianoleo,
unforunately it doesn’t work.
I tried to apply the manual bracketing with Condensing turned on, but after a few second it turns back to the previous situation.

Without seeing the project I can’t say exactly what’s going on, but I’d hazard a guess that the configuration of staves is changing from system to system. You’ll need to fix as much as you can globally, and then you may need multiple bracketing and barline changes each time the configuration of staves changes.

Will you please find the project as an attachment.
At figure 5 brackets don’t work after condensing divisi.
Thank you (924.1 KB)

You’re right. Something weird’s going on. Hopefully somebody on the development team will be able to take a look at your project.

Not on topic actually, but: I see three staves, and indications for Metà I and II, which means ‘first half’ and ‘second half’. So: two halves, but three staves (or voices, if condensed). Who’s going to play what? Is the first or the second half divided, or is it actually divided in 3? This could waste precious rehearsing time…

Dear PjotrB,
you’re right, the divisi indication is incomplete (work in progress).
The second half is divisi and then condensed.

I’m not sure, but I wonder whether you want Dorico not to join the Violin 1 and Violin 2 instruments with a brace or secondary bracket when they are showing multiple staves due to divisi; is that what you’re trying to achieve with the bracket change at that point, or something else?

Yes, that’s exactly what it is.

I’ll make a note of this as something for us to address in future. I think the problem with your score is a bug, unfortunately, and I’ve not so far been able to come up with a workaround, but I’ll check with the team next week and see if anybody has a better idea than I do.

Thank you. This project is very important for me, because I insisted with a major publishing house to use Dorico for the first time and I would not admit that there are serious shortcomings.