Condensing: double whole notes and double stems

Hi, I have something I dont understand regarding condesing:
I have 2 Flutes which play the same (actually the one is the exact copy of the other)

In the condensed score, I see the following:

  1. Why are the the whole notes displayed double?
  2. The following setting is selected in the notation options / condensing. Shouldn’t it be displayed with one stem up?

Thanks for the help
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Hi Martin, Condensing involves a lot of complicated calculations. What happens in the parts before and after this phrase? If there are notes either side without a rest inbetween, Dorico will treat that all as one long phrase (“phrase” for condensing = “anything between rests”). If at any point between rests for these instruments they have a different dynamic, rhythm, slur etc, then they can’t be condensed into a single voice and that’s the result you’re seeing - 2 voices.

You can tell Dorico to start a new phrase wherever you like by adding a condensing change at the position you want a “new phrase” to start, and ticking the condensing group you want to include. You don’t have to set any other options - just checking their box is enough to prompt Dorico to recalculate.


Thanks for the hint with the rests! I placed some rests before and after the phrase and then the problem was gone. The root cause was that Flute 2 was a not an active player and Flute 1 had no rest before Flute 2 joins. I could fix it with adding a condensing change as you proposed, changed the option for not active players and it worked.

Thanks for the really fast support Lillie!

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