Condensing formatting

When condensing, Dorico sometimes does weird stuff with labels and dynamics, and it sometimes does not use “a 2” when it should, instead using double stems. Here are some examples:
Slice 1.png

With condensing, it’s always hard to tell just from the picture. Please provide a (cut-down to the critical parts) project file, .zip it and upload it here.

From what I can guess from your second picture (slice 2), the “mf” seems to maybe only exist in the second voice? Maybe copy it to the first voice, too, as dynamics have to be exactly the same to be condensed to only one voice. (601 KB)

So the first occurance (with the mf) I could resolve by just adding a manual condensing change to the bassoons without any settings in it. I assume Dorico wants to show the entrance of the new voice clearly here, considering the triplet as part of a previous phrase. Adding a condensing change will force dorico to start a new phrase.

The second (the quintuplet) I was able to resolve by changing the following option in the notation options (shift-cmd-n).
It’s in german, but the picture should provide enough resemblence I hope. (it’s the second option from top)

appendix: another solution for the triplet is to shorten the duration of the crescendo in the first bassoon by at least one eighth. Then no manual condensing change is needed.