Condensing groups and grouping staff labels

I would like to have 4 horns condensed in 2 pairs, but have the staff label show “French Horn in F” only once in the middle (with the bracket). It seems, that the “condensing group” function in Layout options overrides the group “between staves” function in Engraving options - and I end up with staff labels for each staff of horns.

Is there a good way to fix this in the current version (3.0)?

I managed to do it by tweaking the staff labels, but it just means that the instrument names are really weird for the horns now :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great condensing feature! I already managed to engrave a whole wind band piece with it, but luckily it only had only 2 horns. Once we have a bit more precise control over the condensing decisions, it will really be fantastic!

Sorry for the very long delay in coming back to you. There’s no good way to do this at present, but I agree it would be useful, and I’ve added it to our backlog.