Condensing identical staves

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is there a quick and easy way to condense only those staffs that are exactly identical?

Sometimes it could be Cello 1 + Cello 2 who play the same, sometimes Cello 2 + Double Bass. Either way, in those cases I’d prefer to have only one staff, with correct player indication on the left, that says Cello 1+2, or Cello 2 + Double Bass, depending on the case.

So, actually it’s not really condensing but rather hiding superflous information.

Grateful for any kind of help!

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I’m not sure that it’s possible to condense divisi players with different players eg Cello 2 + D.B. If you had two separate cello players, you could do this easily.

You can certainly condense the divisi staves.

The problem with double bass along with cello has certainly already been raised before (and not only by… me). Double bass is one octave lower than cello. If you don’t care about playback, I suggest you rename a cello Double bass, that way you can use condensing and Dorico should behave the way you need it… But don’t forget a massive point: condensing is for solo instruments, for sections, as advised just before me, use divisi (and note that you can change the labelling for each division that occurs)

thanks for your answers!
In my case the whole work has two really different Cello parts. There are only very few spots where the two Cello Sections play the same. But in those cases I’d like to merge.
Creating a divisi for the whole piece, only to use it to condense one single staff seems a bit wrong-way-round, but will probably do the job. Or I’ll just do it manually for these few spots.

Thanks again.

You might try creating a condensing group including both celli and the D.B. and using manual condensing changes when you encounter a mishmash just to see if it works.

I know one can condense a Bass Trombone and Tuba together easily, so I don’t think there would be a problem condensing a cello and DB, though I’m not sure how that would look with two celli.

celliBassCondensing.dorico (624.6 KB)

Great minds think alike… with no luck in this case.

In the Condensing Change dialog, once the setting were ready to be applied, the Apply button was not selectable and there was an exclamation mark next to the name of the custom group in the LH column.

Not in the file I created, although you may be working in a different OS or environment than I was.

Sorry @Derrek, I meant with two divisi Cello and D.B.

Right. I took from the original post that the two celli were separate.

I’m sure you were right, don’t worry.