Condensing issue. Rests show up mid-score

Hi! I’m working on a large opera score. This example is just 2 Horn parts for a few measures. The condensing feature has been working as it should. For example, at measure 9, Horn 2 drops out and the score continues correctly: no rests in the Horn 2 part. At one point in the score, however, it stops behaving. At Measure 19, rests for Horn 2 start showing up, although Horn 1 is correctly identified. This is happening at Rehearsal A in other instrument pairs as well. I can’t see that anything changes at that spot that would cause this. I’ve tried every setting and condensing change that I can think of. Thanks for any help with this – I’ve been banging my head against the wall!

Condensing demo.dorico (603.2 KB)

I think it is the Notation Options>Condensing.

This setting works, but anything above 1.5 for a 3/8 bar seems to cause the rests to appear.

Thank you! I have no idea why that works, but it does, and I’m very grateful to you!