Condensing issue with horns and staff label

Hello Dorico community,

Why is it that when I use the automatic condensing feature of Dorico 3.0, it will not display the correct staff label for my 4 horns which I would like to see Horn 1 & 2 labeled for one staff and Horn 3 & 4 for the second staff?

Here is a screenshot that shows the issue.

Any help in resolving this would be most appreciated.

Dorico 3.png
Dorico 1.png

Just a first thought:
In your image Dorico 1 I can see that the labels of all 4 horn parts are not correctly aligned.
Have you been messing around with these labels, do they contain extra spaces?
Also Trombone 1 seems a bit off…

Thanks Estigy,

Yes, I have fixed the spacing of Trombone 1 and all Horns are correctly aligned since I last posted. I don’t think this is the issue. I could be wrong.

Can you post a cut down version of the project?

It looks like you’ve edited the names to end with spaces, Amanda. I suggest you reset the names of the instruments to their defaults in the Edit Names dialog, which will allow the automatic grouping to take place.

Thank you Daniel - I will indeed try this. Thank you for chiming in as usual. It’s always apprecaited.

Hi Daniel,

I had a chance to apply your suggestion of re-setting the horns to default name and it is still behaving strangely.
Horns 3.png
I have attached a few screen shots of my pre-condenced horns and then the condensed Horns and how it is displayed as a staff label.

Here is what I selected in engrave mode for what it might be worth

I’d need to see the project itself to provide any further insight. As I’ve written many hundreds of times (I wonder how many of my 16,000 posts on the forum include these words?!) it’s only really possible to diagnose most baffling problems if you provide the project itself.

Thank you Daniel. That woudl be very helpful.