Condensing issues- How to force "a2"?

I have some condensing issues,

  • I don’t understand why at bar 11 Clarinets an Flutes stop being like “a 2” and start to have two steams.
  • So, after bar 12 they get splitted in two staves, how can I force Dorico to write them in a single staff?
  • I know that from bar 16/17 they have different rhythms, but why do oboes don’t act in the same way?

Here the page view

And here the gallery view

Hi. If you don’t want to post the project, at least make sure that signposts appear… There are dynamics. Make sure they are linked (or not linked) exactly the same way on both instruments, as this can be a reason not to write them a2 (even though they’re the same…)
You should probably put a condensing change on bar 15, so that Dorico knows the phrase for clarinets “ends” there as far as condensing is concerned.


Before writing my post I cancelled all the condensing changes, and I also copy/pasted all the “unison” parts to be sure there aren’t differences in slurs or dynamics. Signoposts are not hidden

Anyway, no problem to share my project, it is just bigger than 4MB.

I can share it with G.Drive

I downloaded it :wink:
But if you select the Silence playback template, you’ll see how the size of your file is more share-friendly!

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It’s the 2 breath mark commas in bars 20 and 21 (Fl1 and Cl1 only). Remove them and condensing returns.

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Thankyou very much!
Yes, now the staves are condesed.

Anyway, I still have an undesired behaviour.
I would like that until bar 15 clarinets an flutes were written “a 2”, I mean without the double steams.

  • Click the last eight triplet in flute or clarinet
  • make a condensing change
  • only Tick flutes and clarinets on the left side but do not tick or click anything else
  • press ok

This forces Dorico to start a new phrase at this point, which it normally uses rests for. But since there are no tests in flute 1 and clarinet 1 (but fl 2 and cl 2 later), Dorico treats the whole excerpt as one continuous phrase.


Joyful, Joyful.dorico (2.8 MB)
Hello, it’s at least one hour that I’m trying everything to condensate those Bb clarinets in my attached project. There is this very weird behaviour from bar 75 on till the end (after the change from A clarinet to Bb clarinet, and I think this could be related). I tried everything you all said in this thread, tweaking many options in the Condensing change dialog, but it looks like I’m stuck with two staves instead of one. I already tried to delete everything in the empty bars, both in the A clarinets and in the Bb ones, and also deleted the entire Clarinet Bb 2 the copy-pasted again directly from Clarinet Bb 1; also, I already tried to group dynamics. Nothing seems to work: any ideas? This project comes from a mxl import from Sibelius, but it’s not directly the imported project itself: I opened a new Dorico project and then pasted instrument by instrument from the imported one.
Thanks for your help!

At present, if a Player holds multiple instruments, one can condense only the first (topmost) instrument.

Strange… and sad! Thank you, anyway, at least I won’t spend more time trying to get what I look for :slight_smile:
I hope next updates will fix this issue.
Thank you!

This is certainly a limitation in condensing that we want to address, but it won’t be something that we can tackle in the forthcoming Dorico 5.1 update.