Condensing issues in first page

Hi Dorico Team and friends!

I’ve been working on an orchestral score and there’s two things I can’t seem to find an answer to.

The first is that I’ve been trying to get the first page of the score to condense Ob 1 and 2 but since the first time the second oboe player comes in he does so with the EH he’s doubling with it doesn’t condense. It would be nicer to have Ob 1 and 2 in the first page, honestly, since it’s a while until the second player comes in anyways. (See screenshot 1.)

The second is that I’ve gone and tried to manually override the condensing for Trombone 1 and 2 because it looks quite confusing on a single staff for the first few bars, but it won’t change a thing. I swear I’ve read the manual and guide at least 5 times to see if I’ve missed something, but I just can’t seem to understand what’s happening. (See screenshots 2 and 3.)

Thanks for your help!


Would you be willing to post a Dorico file of the problem, say just the first system so we can see what you have done already and try other options that might occur to us?

Hi, @Derrek! Thanks for replying. Here are the first couple of pages of the project.

Ruiz, R. Tattvas, R. 12 n. 2 · Kitichi · First page excerpt.dorico (1.0 MB)

Anyone there?

  1. Select the first few bars of the Oboe 2.
    Write > Create Chord Symbol Region.

This tells Dorico that the Oboe 2 is not empty. Since there are no Chord Symbols defined, there is no impact on the score.

  1. Condensing changes only take place at the very start of a System. If you don’t want the Trombones to condense at the beginning, the Condensing Change has to be at the very start.
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It’s not quite accurate to say that condensing changes can only take effect at the start of the system: as long as the condensing change doesn’t require a different set of staves, then the condensing change will take effect at that point: but you’re right, Craig, that if you need to change the number of staves used for a particular condensing group, that has to be done at the start of a system.


Thank you, @Craig_F! That was very enlightening and it did solve the issues I was having.

Also very grateful for your clarification, @dspreadbury.

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Yes, thanks for that clarification Daniel.

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