Condensing Labeling

I’m working on a Choral-Symphonic piece. After inputting everything, I’ve started to do condensing so the full score fits onto the page size I’ve chosen.
One challenge I’m running into is the Labeling of one group of instruments, so far, that I can’t “fix” yet.
Here’s what shows:

I don’t understand why the Violas’ labeling shows up different than the rest of the string instruments.
I’m also unclear as to what criteria/s Dorico uses to condense instruments.
I know I have some options in the Layout Options and in Engrave Mode.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I’m sure the user manual contains some information on condensing.

If you’re seeing those duplicated names, it suggests that you have included the numbering for those instruments in the names themselves in the Edit Instrument Name dialog for each instrument. I suggest you reset these names to their defaults.

First I have to correct my original post: I was referring to the Violin II, not the Violas.
Looking at the Edit Instrument Name, I see the default name has not been changed, though I did input a name change for the player as you can see in the screen shot:

Is this what you’re referring to?